Sunday, December 05, 2010

Open City Jakarta Exhibition

Open City Jakarta is a continuation of selected exhibition materials from 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam in 2009. The exhibition consists of 12 innovative research and design projects which offer distinct scenarios for Jakarta as a Recipro-City. Each project exemplifies a distinct reciprocal relationship: between built environment and nature (Sponge City analyses the flooding patterns in Jakarta and proposes architectural interventions that ameliorate their effects); between formal and informal sectors (Jakarta Bersih focuses on the relationship between formal and informal waste disposal systems in Jakarta); between corporate and local spheres (Social Mall proposes to insert diverse public programs and facilities into malls, so that malls could become better embedded in the community in which they are located.

The 12 scenarios are accompanied by a cast of 12 contemporary wayang characters by Eko Nugroho, and anthropological urban photographs by Erik Prasetya.

Here are the designs for the panel lay out and publication items for Open City Jakarta Exhibition. The inspiration comes from the satelite view to a city. How we look at them from a distance, and take an interest to see them closely.

They are dynamic, informal, and unexpected.





Panel Layout

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